Yuma Tsukumo is known the main character or main protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal franchise.


In his school attire, he wears a red vest with a white hood and a purple sleeveless shirt with a green "D" symbol, standing for "Duel". Yuma also wears white pants with designs of three orange moon crescents attached to one another with yellow outlines at the bottom, a white brown-stripe belt, and black with blue streaks shoes with white straps. Other accessories includes a brown fingerless glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist. Yuma has tan skin, red eyes, and black and red spiked hair that points out and upward. In every outfit he wears, Yuma is always wearing the Emperor's Key around his neck, which is hung by a black string. He owns a white and yellow Duel Gazer with a green lens, matching the color scheme of his ace, "Number 39: Utopia". Yuma bears a striking resemblance to his father, Kazuma Tsukumo, but has inherited his mother's red eyes.


Yuma is a hasty, energetic, and cheerful young boy who likes to challenge himself to do anything that seems impossible, which he normally fails at. Undaunted by his failures, he states that doing these challenges gets him fired up and will eventually accomplish what he sets out to do.[16] He calls this challenge his "kattobingu" spirit ("feeling the flow" in the dub), which his father taught him.[21] Yuma would often doubt himself when depressed, yet he'd still go through with his trials, such as when he had shown up for his Duel with Reginald Kastle.[16] Yuma told Astral it was because of his promise to his father is the reason he doesn't to do things halfway through, believing it would "betray" his father if he did so.[21]

At the same time, he loves his parents, Mirai Tsukumo and Kazuma Tsukumo, and treats the key that they gave to him as a keepsake as well as inspiration for most of his actions, especialing dueling.


Yuma has the natural ability to see and hear Astral, and was shown multiple times that he is capable of talking with Astral telepathically. However, Yuma's power seems to come from from his tenacious spirit and perception of "kattobingu", and should he ever lose his will, Yuma would be unable to see and hear Astral or see his Emperor's Key.