Mizar is a Barian Emperor and is sided on Barian World. He attends Heartland Academy and has a wing-shaped extension as a patt of his hair. He also wears a Barian emblem on his neck and has blue eyes. He is prideful and arrogant and can control Tachyon Dragon which is one of the many reasons some barians fear him. In his past, Mizar's village was attacked by raiders and his parents were killed. Mizar survived and ran until he was in a desert. He was near death when Jinlon, a dragon saved him. He and Jinlon grew close and Mizar became a mighty dragon tamer, until a Shaman disguised to get rid of Jinlon came to the village and blamed the dragon for the floods which were a major problem to the village. The people, convinced by the Shamans words rallied up and went to kill the dragon. Mizar tried to reason with the angry crowd but then, afraid of his own defeat, he went up and defeated his friend. Without the dragon's protection, enemies came from everywhere and demolished the village.

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